Need help to Catch a cheating spouse?

Cheating Spouse Investigators Uganda (CSI Uganda) is a Ugandan, privately owned Investigations business with years of experience in delivering the truth to persons, companies and institutions.

CSI Uganda strives to provide and maintain the highest standards towards our clients' needs for information and protection.

CSI Uganda operates nationwide to supply a National Infrastructure of investigative services in all regions of Uganda and East Africa. We strive to take whatever information you have and apply it to find the maximum information or evidence you need. Strict confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Cheating Spouse

Do you suspect your spouse, partner, fiance or significant other of cheating on you?

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Workplace Affairs

This service is for employers who seek to dig deep into the conduct of their employees

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Call Records Services

We provide the client with logs, analysis for outgoing and incoming calls as well as Text Messages.

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